How to Make Christmas Meaningful – Beautiful Simplicity (Part 2)


There’s 20-ish days until Christmas. I’m hitting the java a little harder, scurrying around like a crazy woman trying to find the perfect decorations, gifts and holiday clothes for the parties. Not to mention, taking my children to all of the perfect events, plays and concerts so they can experience a perfect Christmas. Sound familiar?

The Perfect Christmas

After all, we moms know, it’s up to us to pull this whole Christmas thing off for our kids. Right?
We create the perfect back drop …
christmas house
to showcase the perfect tree …

perfect tree


for the perfect family gathering …
family gathering

with those we may only see once a year …

griswold cousin eddie

We share a feast …
christmas turkey

and make memories to last for many Christmases to come.
Griswold tree

Perfect, right??!!
Just like Clark Griswold, The “Perfect Christmas” monster consumes me at times. There is no way that I can create a perfect Christmas … for my kids, myself or anyone else. No matter how hard I try, someone will always have more, better, bigger, faster. If I focus on the stuff, I will continue to have the same empty feeling as soon as the wrapping paper and ribbons cover the den floor.

The only perfect Christmas was the first one.
One word comes to mind …. S.I.M.P.L.E.
A father,
a mother,
and a baby lying in a feeding trough.
Unfancy. Simple.

The mother, father and the visitors that would arrive within the next months/years had one goal at this time…one focus…this baby born under the stars in obscurity.
The focus and desire of my heart is what matters during this season. If I allow the “Perfect Christmas” monster to reign, then it’s meaningless. If my heart is bent toward remembering the baby and the significance of His birth in my own life and how that spills out of me during this season, then Christmas wins.
It’s simply beautiful….

Our family celebrates Advent which has proved to anchor me during this over-stressed season. You can read about how we do that in this post.
I’d love to hear how you battle the “Perfect Christmas” monster. Leave a comment below …

Striving for a simple Christmas ~
Becky 🙂

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