An Open Letter to My College-Bound Son



First, let me say that I love you more than you know and always will. Before you were born, I prayed for you…mostly that I wouldn’t mess you up!

That I wouldn’t mess up God’s plan for you….

When you were born, you made me a mom and I’ve never been the same person since. Let’s just say, that as any new mom can relate, my world totally and completely revolved around you. Your schedule was my schedule. Period…..

And I loved EVERY second of our days together…

It’s been an amazing journey to be a part of your life – watching you grow and develop passions that drive you to make our world a better place. One thing about you that I cherish … your unwavering commitment to your passions which come from a deep, personal faith.

Even when others around you don’t understand…

or laugh at your ideas
or discredit your dreams
or passions

                                                                  You. Stay. Strong.

Perfect? Not even close.

Without detours? Of course not.

But, you stubbornly hold fast to those matters that mean much to you. That makes me proud.

As you step into a new chapter, I’d like to share a few bits of motherly advice … because I’m good like that 🙂
1. Seek few, deep friendships…the life-long type that will weather storms with you and sharpen you.

It’s a great status symbol to be known by many or have thousands of friends or followers on social media but when you’re alone in your dorm room, they’re nowhere to be found … Be selective of who you let into your personal space – who you share your dreams and passions – not everyone can handle them.

2. Be teachable.

It’s ok to not know everything and you’ll learn quickly how little you know …. It’s ok.

3. Be a leader.

It’s a part of you – that first-born thing – to lead. So, continue to be the kind of leader that’s worth following and lead by example.

4. Help others.

You won’t have to look far. Use the eyes God gave you to see the needs of others around you, even when you feel needy yourself. Reach out to them….you may be the life preserver they need. And you quite possibly may need them too.

5. Don’t let opinions of others derail you.

You won’t be liked by everyone. In fact, you won’t be truly accepted by many at all. You can’t please everyone. Consistently seeking approval of others is a trap. Keep your Bible open and seek advisors, but always know when truth trumps culture, opinion or preference.

6. Eat to nourish your body.

I know you’re laughing now…but truly, your body needs more than carbs and caffeine 🙂 Eat the rainbow and you’ll be good!

7. Come home as little as possible. (Did I really just say that?!)

In those early days of motherhood, I couldn’t wrap my mind around how my older friend moms could let their sons like…leave! It killed me to leave you in the nursery during church. I don’t think I was or ever will truly be ready for that baby/nurturing part of my life to end. But, babies grow up – some of them cowboys (sorry, I couldn’t resist…go Pokes!)

I couldn’t imagine then what I’m saying to you now … You’re always welcome to come home as often as you can but as little as possible to allow you to forge ahead in your new season of life. Letting go is the hardest part of being a parent but I’m looking forward to the next chapter of our story.

College-bound son

I’ve prayed for you since before you were born. My prayer for you now…..Go rally the troops and be the leader God made you to be!

College needs you….


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