20 More Ways to Find Free Money for College

If you saw the first post in this series, you know I told you I’d be sharing more this week. So, here it is! I continue to find amazing scholarship opportunities to share with you.

The first group is the general essay scholarship based on given topic.

1. ChameleonJohn.com scholarship
2. Digital Responsibility scholarship
3. Abbott and Fenner Scholarship
4. JASNA Scholarship
5. Civil Rights Defense Fund Scholarship

Yes….there are scholarships that DO NOT require the essay!
6. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy Scholarship
7. Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation
8. Oratorical Contest
9. Optimist International Oratorical Contest

These scholarships target those who have special interest, experience or a number of hours logged in community volunteer/activism.

10. Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship

Medical Field
11.AAMN Scholarship
12. Nursing Scholarships

13. Jesse Brown Scholarship
14. Davis-Putter Scholarship
15. Bonner Program

These opportunities are a little different than the standard essay. They ask you to apply your knowledge to target readers on a financial blog or solve a water problem.
16. FPSPI Scholarship
17. IAPMO Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to targeted minority groups.
18. Minority Nurse Scholarship
19. American Indian College Fund
20. Latino Arts Scholarship

Be sure to check on the application deadlines for these now, as most of these are coming up very soon. The good news….if you miss it this year, many of these are awarded every year. Use your bookmarks to keep track of them for next year.
I will continue to post what I find as we are currently guiding our college-bound student along the way as well. Let me know if this information helps you…I’m hoping that the knowledge I’m gaining can benefit you too!