16 Ways to Find Free Money for College

So, you’re sitting at the breakfast table with your soon-to-be-graduate while he ingests the high-protein breakfast you prepared for him. It’s Saturday morning but no sleeping in – it’s test day. This is the last shot to raise his score for scholarship eligibility. You both know his college future depends on the number he’s able to attain but choose not to rehash the seriousness of the day.
You both also know that he’s more than just a number.
                                                                 MUCH more….
Sound familiar? Sadly, many bright students aren’t good test-takers yet test scores continue to be THE criteria used to measure scholarship worthiness. The unfortunate result is gifted students being denied scholarships because their test scores aren’t high enough.

                                                            For some, it means no college.

 For others, it means extreme student debt load.

There has to be another way!
There are other options to getting money for college that many people simply don’t know about. As we’ve approached this stage in our family, I had to think outside the box. So, I took to the internet and dove in.

Fortunately, I found there is hope! There are many scholarships and contests available for those who are willing to invest their time.
1. US Senate Youth Program
2. AXA Achievement Scholarship
3. DAR Scholarship
4. KFC Foundation
5. Young Entrepreneur Awards
6. Bickel & Brewer Foundation
7. Jaycee Foundation of OK – this is for Oklahoma residents…contact the Jaycee Foundation of your state 🙂
8. Prudential Scholarship
9. AFSA Scholarship

Writing contests:
10. FIRE Essay Contest
11. JFK Profile in Courage
12. Society of Professional Journalists
13. FRA Essay Contest
14. Abbott & Fenner Scholarship
15. GPACAC Scholarship
16. VFW Scholarship

Stay tuned for the next post where I will provide even more potential money sources.

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